Wrist Watches Back in Vogue
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Wrist Watches Back in Vogue

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The way we track time has changed enormously over the past decade or so. Earlier, it was simply a wristwatch. This elegant time tracking device, wrapped around our wrist was like our soul mate. It made sure we were never out of sync with the time.

Not anymore!

Today, almost 2/3rd of the youngsters and half the population don’t wear a watch. Then there is another breed of watch wearers who boast it on their wrist randomly, depending on their mood. In a sense only 1 in 10 individuals look up to this portable, easily accessible time tracking tool. So, what is the he reason for this apathy? You guessed it – a plethora of handheld devices such mobile phones, music players, tablets, and of course net books, laptops and desktop computers.

Although, the demand for wrist watches remain robust, but in comparison to growing population the sales seem stagnant and hence the premise that the attraction for wrist watches is dwindling. The debate here is not about watch sales but the reducing number of wrist watch wearers.

Nonetheless, the trend is changing. Folks are beginning to realize the importance of this accessory. The biggest challenge that these new enthusiasts face is price point. Big brands like Rolex, Longines, Rado and Hublot are out of reach for the majority of the world citizens. Then there are brands like Seiko, Esprit, Timex, Citizen, Orient and Mondaine Evo which fall into the $100 to $150 ( Rs. 10,000 ) price bracket, but still on the expensive side, and therefore push buyers towards alternate devices such as mobile phones which offer a plethora of functions unlike watch which just ‘shows’ time.

On the hand cheap watches lack that distinct character, style and the wow factor. That scenario is about to change!

Enter Curren: Thanks to this brand who through their innovative and stunning designs and functions have infused that passion once again. Wrist watches are finding their way into the hearts of people around the world, especially men who have limited range of fashion accessories at their disposal.

Curren has played a key role in reviving this tradition; offering stunning yet affordable range of wrist watches for men and women. Curren timepieces possess all the attributes that a new buyer with a limited budget aspires for. They are affordable ( Around $18 ), classy, instill a sense of pride and the joy of reviving the old fashion trend. These watches are actually homage to some of the obsolete and current big brands. So, in a sense the buyer can safely test the waters before jumping into something more lavish and pricey.

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