Valentine’s Day Gifts.
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Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The tradition of giving / exchanging a flower on Valentine’s Day, especially a rose, has been around since the 17th century. And there is a good reason. Rose, in all forms, is synonymous with love since it is also the preferred flower of the Venus, the Goddess of love.

Earlier, this exchange was reserved for lovers, typically those in a relationship or couples. However, it is not longer limited to just those who are in love … romantically. Today, flowers are exchanged between friends, colleagues, siblings and even between students and teachers.

There is another tradition associated with Valentine’s Day – cards. Today, millions of electronic and physical cards are exchanged on this day. However, it all began with a love poem dedicated by Charles, the Duke of Orleans, for his wife when he was imprisoned. It triggered the custom, the urge to present a preformatted love message in the most sophisticated manner; Valentine’s Day card.

Back then, especially during the early 16th century, writing love poems and love letters was looked down upon by the religious heads. They even labelled it as blasphemous. However, lovers continued to exchange written words and by 19th century it became a huge fad and pre-printed and emotionally inscribed cards took over.

Today, a rose and a card are two essential elements of Valentine’s Day. However, there is one more integral constituent of Valentine’s Day – chocolate. These are some of the romantic valentine gifts ideas especially for those seeking love gifts online shopping.

Apart from the above mentioned list people also exchange gifts, including wrist watches. In fact a timepiece is one of the top five gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. So, if are looking for a niche eCommerce website that offers valentine gifts for girlfriend and valentine gifts for boyfriend then visit

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