Why buy from us?

There are hundreds of online shopping portals that sell wrist watches, sunglasses, bracelets and fashion accessories for men and women. The question is why would anyone buy from us? There are several reasons.

Poolkart India is an ecommerce platform that has niche presence. We don’t sell a million products. We sell less than 10 products. So, what does this mean for you as a buyer?

It simply means a platform that offers unique range of products, which are sourced from a myriad of compelling locations. In simple words we don’t stock more than one piece of any particular design. Moreover, we sell merchandise which is unique, affordable and offers a sense of pride in owning one.

Yet another factor which makes us different from other online sellers is our inventory. We don’t sell / allow third party products directly. This is a conscious effort on our part, to keep a vigilant eye on quality and authenticity.

Our products ( known or unknown brands ) are genuine. We don’t sell fake or used merchandise. Every item goes through rigorous quality scan before it is packed and couriered. Not good enough? Then here is the knockout punch.

Before dispatching, we check the battery, mechanism of watches, clean and polish bracelets, and look out for flaws in sunglasses built over a period of time. Every product gets a dose of pampering. We care for our products just the way you do.

Right, we now see that million dollar smile on your face! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up one today for yourself, maybe for your friend, girlfriend, and boyfriend or family. Our wrist watches and fashion accessories will simply bowl you over.

If you have questions, need clarifications or facing issue with your purchase simply shoot us a mail. We respond quickly, and make sure your problem is solved in the quickest possible time.