Why wear a wristwatch?
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Why wear a wristwatch?

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As mentioned in our earlier blog ( History of wristwatches )timepieces were first exploited during the early 19th century by the army for various synchronised operations. However, today, it plays a different role. It teaches us the value of time. Since everything is achieved in a certain time frame, it needs to be spent wisely. And what better way to keep a tight leash on it than a wristwatch. Mentioned below are six reasons why you should wear a wristwatch.

Convenience –

Convenience is one of the best virtues of a wristwatch, and therefore finds itself at the top of the list. Unlike contemporary devices and gadgets where you need to punch buttons, enter password or swipe screen/s before you are offered what you seek a wristwatch simply demands your attention and a flick of your wrist.

Versatile –

Watches can display time in bright sunlight, complete darkness and even when the weather is hazy or raining. Once again with just the simple twist of your wrist you can achieve your goal.

Style Statement –

There is doubt that a wristwatch adds style statement, especially men who reel under limited “Glamour Avenues” or “Accessories”. A wristwatch also fetches respect because it is obvious the wearer respects time, which incidentally is a virtue of a successful person. How? Because time is money. It is as simple as that. It is a mark of a progressive person who knows that “Time” is a highly perishable and precious commodity.

Carbon Footprint –

Watches don’t need frequent recharging. Some are perpetual machines. So, in a way a wristwatch wearer leaves behind less pollution than the one who depends on power hungry devices.

Functional –

Chronographs and multi-functional watches are a boon for amateur aviators, yachtsmen and yachtswomen, divers, mountaineers and nature lovers. It keeps them informed about several crucial, related parameters.

Heirloom –

Since time immemorial parents have passed on several valuable heirlooms to their children, especially a father who invariably gifts a wristwatch to his son. The son in turn does the same when the time comes. In the long run a wristwatch becomes an important family inheritance.

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