History of bracelets.
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History of bracelets –

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The Term –

According to Wikipedia, the term bracelet is derived from the Greek word ‘Brachile’, a kind of inspiration / interpretation from the old French literary expression ‘bracel’. Incidentally, Brachile means ‘of the arm’.

Bracelets have been in vogue since centuries. It can be dated back to almost 7000 years. Egyptians dressed their wrists with circular embellishments made from natural raw materials such as plants and slim tree limbs. Later, during the copper and bronze age, humans, especially men started adorning their arms with metal versions.

Bracelet Story –

Archaeological excavations have proved beyond doubt that people from ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia and China wore bracelets of various kinds, and as mentioned above, these were typically made from natural and easily available resources such as shells, stunning pebbles and raw stones.

However, things changed after humanity and cultures across the globe underwent several stages of natural changes / evolutions. At the end of Bronze Age (2000 to 1400 B.C.), artisans exploited newer, precious metals such as gold and silver, and even intuitive alloys by intelligently mixing them together. This was evident from the fact that around 2680 B.C Egyptians decked up with bracelets that were made of gold and silver, and further enhanced with semiprecious stones.

During the same period ( 2000 BC ) Chinese artisans made wrist accessories from jade.

Why do we wear bracelets?

Because these wrist ornaments have historic, spiritual, cultural and religious significance, at least in the past. Bracelets with meaning were popular back then. While Greek and Roman soldiers and later even Moguls wore them to protect the vulnerable parts of their body ( underlying wrist artery ) from deadly sword cuts, Egyptians ( 5000 BCE ) adorned bracelets made from bones, wood and stones for spiritual interests.

Unlike flexible bracelets, Indian women have for long been wearing rigid glass bangles in several shades and numbers. It has significance in terms of marital status, prosperity and goodwill. However, Kadda worn by Sikhs has religious importance; it is one of the five essential articles that they are supposed to carry all the time.

Evolutionary trends –

Over a period of time humans evolved in terms of behavior, speech, clothing, fashion and beliefs, and so did bracelets. Earlier, they used to be crude, bore cult significance and sometimes separated different clans and headmen. Later, when metals were discovered, only the rich and the noble wore them as a mark of superior status. However, with the discovery of gold and silver the charm for other metals like bronze and copper faded off. Even today, these twin metals are the preferred choice.

What about leather bracelets?

Although leather mens bracelets can be traced back to ancient Egyptians, it never enticed the masses. They were worn to identify rank and status, and also by the warriors of certain civilizations. Nonetheless, this raw material has today caught the fancy of every fashion conscious individual. Pure leather, man-made leather in braided and unbraided designs, sporting charms and trinkets have now turned into a popular fad. These are sometimes supplemented with standard metal ones or in combination with wrist watches.

Leather is not the only trending material for crafting charms and trinket bracelets for girls. These days, revolutionary metals like palladium, rhodium and titanium are also used to design stunning bracelets for men and women.

Another interesting aspect of modern bracelets and womens charm bracelets is the sheer number of locking mechanisms that are available. Lobster clasp, spring ring, toggle, open box, slip and lock, manual knot, slip-on, buckle and button are some of the popular variants.

The history of charm bracelets is as old as the parent accessory. The only aspect which has really changed is the designing trends such as the use of beads made from different materials, metals elements and message clips. All over the world they are adored and worshipped by the fairer sex. The same applies to Indian women. “Charm bracelets India” is a term which is frequently searched on internet. This proves its popularity back home, and the passion for it is growing all the time.

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