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Ressence Watch Price India

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“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” This is Tom Freston’s interpretation of unveiling new ideas and inventions.

Wrist watches are a perfect example of the above adage. A century ( from battlefield to board room – commercial manufacturing of mechanical watches started during World War I ) has passed since wrist time pieces became an essential accessory of human beings but it continues to evolve in terms of design, drive and display. Brands like Seiko, Omega, Citizen and Rolex created the necessary traction in terms of building up the interest and gradually other brands like Patek Philippe, Cartier and Piaget continued to redefine this vital tool. And today, the watch industry boasts some amazing brands such Hublot, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and Ulysse Nardin. Joining this elite list is Ressence … a company that has taken “Time” telling to a new level altogether.

Founded in 2010 by Benoît Mintiens in Belgium, the brand name was created out of two different words – “Renaissance” and “Essence”.

What is so distinct or innovative about a Ressence watch?

Interestingly, the basics of this watch still remain the same. However, it the new added layer to the classic mechanism that makes Ressence a unique proposal. The two dimensional or co-planer design allows the graphical interface ( hands and numerals ) to lie close to the sapphire crystal and above Ressence’s patented mechanical time display module which is composed of discs and rings that orbit around each other. Various lines within these orbits exhibit different functions such as hours, minutes, seconds etc. Although the time reading appears overwhelming in the beginning it becomes less challenging with the passage of time.

Ressence has 5 different “Types” of watches in its kitty. These are Type 1 to Type 5. The latest to be introduced is type 5 which is built using 324 components. The result is unadulterated and compelling expression of time.

While type 1 is a basic mechanism with flatter design and without a crown, type 3 is a 44mm broad watch featuring two separate but sealed chambers. The first one is filled with oil, typically below the dial, the other, boasting the basic calibration is occupied with air. Type 5 was introduced in December 2015. This 46mm titanium watch is based on the partly oil-filled module used in the Type 2, and 3, but further developed as a diving watch that offers unmatched advantages. In short type 5 is revolutionary design concept in terms of form factor and components, and their arrangement within the case.

At the very basic level type 5 is inspired by nature, more so from the most unassuming amphibian, turtle. The balloon shaped shell of this sea creature is well known, and type 5 replicates the same convex ( Bulging outwards ) glass element. Because this watch is made for underwater use its unique shell provides unparalleled aerodynamic property.

Moreover, due to the use of a special layer filled with oil the need for solid metal case to withstand underwater pressure is tactfully negotiated. So, what does this translate into? Well, a case which is light in weight ( titanium ) and scratch less. Because all the parts are in the company of oil it gets moisturised constantly, and it is this suspension within the lubricant that makes these moving parts lighter. This in turn improves accuracy and efficiency in terms of power usage. Type 5 uses around 37.5 ml of oil.

Yet another advantage of this unique technology is the absence of refraction. Traditional diver’s watches tend to distort the time if viewed from a wrong angle. This is not the case with Ressence type 5. The user can simply view the time from any angle without confronting the refraction caused legibility. Type 5 is also a crownless watch. So, how does the user adjust the time or power the watch? Simple! By twisting the case back. It is a special back which boasts Ressence Compression Lock System or RCLS technology. It locks and compresses the gasket in two positions; lock and set.

For casual users, type 5 is a great accessory as it offers improved night readability due to that extra strong blue and green Superluminova.

Note – The price in India starts from Rupees 7, 00,000 and goes up to 27, 00,000.

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