Pearl Bracelet Women Watches.
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Pearl Bracelet Women Watches

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Pearls are women’s second best friend; the first being diamonds. This seemingly materialistic conclusion is typically based on two parameters – fashion and inheritance value. There was a time when pearls were reserved only for the rich as they were pricey and rare. However, with the advent of time, diminishing economic disparity and newer methods of cultivation ( controlled / artificial production ) it is now adorned by people from a spectrum of society.

Incidentally, the best pearls are called “Akoya” and even today demand a huge premium. Other pearls such as Tahitian, South Sea and Freshwater follow suit. Earlier, these were used for necklaces, earrings and assorted embellishments, and even high end watch straps. These lustrous round beauties that reflect a rainbow of mesmerizing hues and tones are a joy of every craftsman.

So, does it mean that affordable and cheap watches or fashion accessories do not exploit pearls? It does, but these are actually plastic based and therefore have little or no value. However, these faux pearls still offer that unusual radiance and innocence. Whether genuine or manufactured, pearls are symbols of commitment, love and faith. No wonder then faux pearls have found their way into watch bracelets.

And one of the popular online shops for pearl strap watches and pearl necklaces is Poolkart.

Pearl accessories such as watch straps offer unmatched glamour due to its distinct white colour. Accessories made from faux / plastic pearls can be worn for a myriad of occasions and events. In combination with gold plated elements these adornments simply enhance the beauty of the wearer. Pearl fashion wearable is usually accompanied with hanging trinkets and love tokens.

Yet another design feature of pearl accessories is the use of genuine or faux diamonds. Affordable girl’s watches that sport pearl bracelet often have glass diamonds embedded into their case or the band itself.

Pearls are classic in nature. However, in tandem with contemporary design elements it can offer wearers excellent value for money. Interestingly, pearls are extracted from oysters. These sea gems are naturally produced in salt water or mechanically processed inside the oyster in freshwater bodies like ponds, rivers and lakes.

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