Of Tattoos, Watches & Bracelets
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Of Tattoos, Watches & Bracelets

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So, what have tattoos got to do with wrist watches? The answer is – both are perfect accessories for the arm. However, no one really gives a damn about a watch while getting a tattoo, whether full sleeve, half sleeve or just a portion of the arm. Before we talk about complementing time pieces you should know some of the essential habits and fashion trends.

A wrist watch is typically worn on the left wrist. The reason being, that most of the time pieces boast crown on the right and therefore it becomes easy to wind or set the time. Moreover, as most of us are right handed, we need to keep it free from entanglements and associated obstructions. Even left handed individuals generally wear it on the “wrong” side.

As mentioned above, the three basic styles of arm tattoo include full sleeve, half sleeve and random design ( Solo ). Its position also matters while choosing a complementing accessory such as a watch or a bracelet. If you have inked on the right arm then you need not worry. Nonetheless, wearing wrist embellishments which create a perfect harmony with your tattoo will fetch you admirable glances and comments.

On the other hand if you have a full sleeve or a half sleeve tattoo on your left hand then you need to ponder and narrow down matching accessories. For the former, Poolkart recommends Weide – Megir – Shadow wrist watches. Time pieces from these brands are rugged, tough, masculine and large in size which makes it a perfect candidate for those who sport a full arm tattoo. These watches go well with inking that revolve around subjects like clock and rose or a large town hall clock in the company of wheels of time or even a woman face.

Individuals with half sleeve tattoo, especially done in single colour including black, can opt for Paidu Watches or maybe a Sveston Wrist watch along with single / multiple silicone / leather bracelets.

Finally, a random tattoo on the wrist or forearm doesn’t need much pondering. Depending on the size, colour and design complexity, you can opt for Naviforce Watches which are attractive, loud and serious looking as well.

Biker tattoos generally demand a more aggressive time piece, especially when it comes to strap. Opt for broad bands / straps. This includes bracelets too. Or, simply wear a bold watch along with multiple and matching bracelets. By crowding your wrist you can divert some of the attention from your massive and overwhelming tattoo. Poolkart offers double strap men’s watches in various shades and sizes. Check out some of them here.

Watches for women with tattoos tend to tread a different path altogether as most of the inking is short, subtle and singular in nature. A million dollar tip here – make sure you wear a watch that complements the form factor of your tattoo.

For example, if you have a flower engraving or a script ( Text ) embellishment, then try something which depicts a similar subject. For the former, you can try diamond flower watch and for the latter braided bracelet watch. Some of the other tattoo subjects and matching accessories are mentioned below.

Geometric Tattoos – Silver & Black Crisscross Women’s Watch.
Butterfly Tattoo – Butterfly Wire Mesh Girls Watch.

Summary –

Individuals need to understand that tattoos are generally dominant in nature. Therefore, make sure all the other accessories form one cohesive piece of fashion statement. These embellishments should never compete with your tattoo, and the reason as mentioned above is the overwhelming nature of skin engravings. Yet another important tip for those with arm tattoos is to wear a time piece which reflects a similar subject. The idea here is to build a fashion theme.

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