How to buy a watch online.
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How to buy a watch online

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Men’s watch buying guide –

Purchasing a wristwatch online can be tricky at times. Why? Actually, there are many reasons. To begin with a watch is a complex time measuring tool – a miniaturised mechanical contraption with a myriad of functions and styles.

So, before clicking the buy button make sure you have answers to the following.

  • Case Diameter
  • Case Thickness
  • Strap Width
  • Strap Material

Of the above four parameters case diameter plays a crucial role. A small wrist demands a small watch while a thick wrist would appear clumsy if a complementing watch size is not worn.

The thickness of the case/watch is yet another essential parameter which needs attention. Slim watches are perfect for formals and social gatherings which thick watches make sense for leisure trips and adventure sports.

Mentioned below are some of the standard sizes for men and women.

  • Women’s Mini: 23mm-25mm.
  • Women’s Regular: 26mm-29mm.
  • Midsize: 34mm-36mm.
  • Men’s: 37mm-39mm.
  • Men’s sports: 40mm-42mm.
  • Mens XL: 45mm and above.

In part 2 of this series we shall discuss different types of engines that power these wristwatches – typically Quartz and Mechanical ( manual and automatic ).

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