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Wrist Watch Shapes & Types

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Advancement in technology has reshaped our lives like never before. Whether it is education, entertainment, science, communication or transportation – everything has evolved dramatically. However, the biggest impact of technology has been on lifestyle and fashion, especially wristwatches.

Earlier, watches were available in four basic shapes, but today because of innovative materials and cutting edge engineering it is possible to create unusual shapes using equally intriguing tools and machines. Nonetheless, the following four shapes continue to account for the bulk of wristwatch sales.

Round –
The “Round” form factor is one of the oldest and continues to be in great demand even today. This shape has been inspired by sundials and pocket watches of the renaissance period. So why is this shape so popular? Mentioned below are some of the reasons.

a. Round offers a better perspective of the face which translates into better readability.
b. Aesthetically, round shape suits every type of wrist.
c. Round is synonymous with planets and constellations.
d. Circular shape improves “Water resistant” design and friction free movement.
e. Diver’s bezel can be easily mounted on a circular case.
f. It complements all types of attires.

Tonneau –
Tonneau simply means “barrel” shape. Imagine a standing beer cask and you will get the idea. However, the edges of some of the watches sporting Tonneau form factor may have bulging edges; a deviation from the standard shape. This kind of cast suits broad wrists due to its large frame. Tonneau is stylish, goes well with formals, reflects class and more importantly looks adorable. In 1906 Cartier introduced this shape, and since then it has seen several ups and down in terms of popularity.

Incidentally Tonneau (French) means ton or barrel.

Rectangle –
Of all the shapes rectangular watches look sophisticated and majestic. It is the preferred choice of men. Because of its rounded edges this shape offers least resistance in terms of relative elements such as cuffs, coat sleeve, and rarely clashes with other objects. A combination of square watch with roman numerals and genuine leather strap with push type deployment clasp spells class and a wonderful wearing experience.

Square –
Square denotes fashion, style statement and symbolises freedom. This shape reflects distinctive character. However, it is popular with the fairer sex because of its trendy form factor. On the other hand men typically wear larger square watches – to accommodate extra functions and elements which in turn makes it look rugged and bold.

Other Shapes –

Cushion –
Cushion is simply a square watch with rounded corners. Jog your memory and reflect on the past. Remember Cartier Watches of the bygone era? These are generally slim, gold plated and mostly sport a leather strap.

<1>Oval & Triangular –
Oval and triangular timepieces are rare these days. But these shapes are gradually picking up in terms of popularity because of the availability of intriguing watch making technology, cast materials and composites, and inspiring tools. Hamilton Ventura is one of the finest examples of triangular shape.

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