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What is a watch pillow?

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At poolkart.com we believe that a wrist watch needs love and protection irrespective of its price tag. We have a strong reason for that belief. “Time” is a precious commodity and therefore, a wrist watch, which symbolizes this virtue, needs to be treasured and valued. Moreover, history is the proof. Famous personalities have treated time and wrist watch with respect.

So, how do you show that love, affection and respect?

Really simple! Make sure you treat it well all the time ( Pun intended ). In case you own just a single timepiece, it is easier to protect it from damage and external influence. You can simply clean it regularly with a soft, moist cotton cloth to clear dust and grime the two enemies of wristwatch. Difficult to reach crevices and slots can be accessed through plastic pins / flat strips or flattened ear buds. In case your watch is dual display then you need to look after two batteries instead of one. Getting it changed as soon as it shows sign of drag / weak display will enhance the life of panel. Moreover, the quartz ( Electronic circuit ) also needs attention if the watch is not worn for a long time.

In case you own a pure mechanical watch, getting it serviced from an authorized centre will keep it in the pink of health and increase its life. Remember, good watches last longer than humans, if they are well taken care of.

Now, if you own multiple watches then it becomes all the more important to get your watches organized and protected. And one of the best ways to do that is to put them in a common watch box. These are like jewelry cases with several compartments of equal size. Each of these rectangular / square spaces is accompanied by a soft pillow.

You can buy a watch box which has the exact number of compartments as your collection or you could simply opt for the one which has surplus spaces for future additions. If you are a watch connoisseur, and boast dozens of watches then a multi-tier watch box with security features would make sense. Coming back to watch pillows, and the reason for writing this post, they play an integral part in protecting your watches from scratches and exposure to unwanted internal shenanigans.

Moreover, it becomes tedious to select a watch from a mountain of collection and then at the end of the day put it back in the original box only to repeat this exercise the very next morning. Interestingly, watch box pillow inserts can be bought online. Just type the following “watch box pillows for sale” and you should fetch the list of watch display cushions sellers.

By laying out the entire collection of wrist watches in one common watch box you can achieve the following.

1. Watch box and a pillow offer a great way to present / organize your wrist watch collection.
2. Without a pillow your watch would simply appear limp and without life.
3. Crystal is an important wrist watch element. Pillows make sure it remains scratch less. Pricey watches lose some of its value if the crystal shows even the slightest scratch.
4. Steel links scratch the back of the case if they are not distanced from each other. By using a leather watch pillow or fabric watch pillow this can be done easily.
5. It also becomes easy to select one, use it and then set it back again after use.
6. Custom wristwatch pillows and even standard watch pillows prevent strain on watch spring bar pins, crown or other delicate components.
7. It prevents loosening of internal screws.

Incidentally, watch pillows are available in a myriad of sizes, colors and materials. Some of the popular ones include –

1. Flannelette and silk floss watch pillows.
2. Velvet wristwatch cushions.
3. Leather wristwatch pillows.

However, as a would-be watch pillow buyer, you should know that there are two ways these pillows are made; they are either filled with a roll of synthetic fiber or blown, meaning it’s filled with loose synthetic fibers. The former offers better grip and hold. It also means less movement / play when the wristwatch is set up inside the box.

Some wristwatch lovers feel that a watch pillow tends to put pressure on the spring bars. But this is simply not true. It is not even remotely possible, or conceivable that the pressure exerted by a fabric pillow could ever generate enough force to stretch, bulge, distort or damage a high quality or low quality watch components, especially strap.

If you have decided that the time is come show some respect for your watch/s and you need to buy watch box or watch pillows visit poolkart.com.

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