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The 10:10 wrist watch setting

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Product advertising in not just about the product itself or great photo shoot; it is also about influencing consumer psyche through innovative techniques. Watches are no different. In case you are wondering what human psychology has got to do with timepieces then continue reading.

Check out some of the wrist watch advertisements. If you are observant you will notice that the arms or the hands as they are popularly called are set to either 10:10 or 10:09 in each and every promotion. Now, isn’t that rather intriguing and uncanny?

So, why do wrist watch advertisements sport the same setting?

Actually, there are several myths and reasons associated with it. Mentioned below are some of them.

The Myths –
1. Some of the watch enthusiasts believe that 10:10 was actually a tool used by watch mechanics to service mechanical timepieces in the early days. Setting the arms at 10:10 was supposed to free the drive train from internal locking mechanisms, which in turn allowed them to diagnose and repair. Once the watch was repaired it was set back to 10:10 for testing before re-calibrating it to the current time.

2. The 10:10 syndrome has also be attached to presidential killings. Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King to name a few. However, it is just a myth because none of them had anything to with the designated hour and minute.

3. There are many who consider it as the time when atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Once again this reasoning seems out of context.

4. There is another myth surrounding this unusual advertising resemblance; that the first watch came into existence at 10:10.

The Facts –
1. Aesthetics

Any other position of the hands ruins the visibility of the dials, manufacturers’ logo and the day-date window. The 10:10 position makes sure every element of the face is clearly noticeable.
2. Human Psyche

As mentioned above, the 10:10 position resembles a smiley. If offers a positive feeling, a feel good vibe. Earlier, several manufacturers used to set the watches at 8:20. However, from a distance is offered a sad look, actually the timepiece sported a frown which was not considered appropriate from marketing perspective.

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