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Best Earphone Case Online

  Wired Headphone Case & Accessories Holder – We are now living in a digital age, an era where every action is rooted to IoT or Internet of Things. For example, we use desktop, laptop to perform enterprise, small business and personal tasks while mobile phones and similar handheld devices help us communicate in the […]

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Types of watch straps bracelets Poolkart blog.

Types – Wrist Watch Straps

One of the essential components of any wrist watch, whether branded or unbranded is a strap. Without a strap, the case remains just a solo time piece. Moreover, it is not only an integral part of the assemblage but also plays a crucial role in enhancing the watch’s overall appearance. In fact, a strap can […]

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Wrist watch shapes poolkart blog.

Wrist Watch Shapes & Types

  Advancement in technology has reshaped our lives like never before. Whether it is education, entertainment, science, communication or transportation – everything has evolved dramatically. However, the biggest impact of technology has been on lifestyle and fashion, especially wristwatches. Earlier, watches were available in four basic shapes, but today because of innovative materials and cutting […]

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Which wrist watch brand to buy

Which wrist watch brand to buy?

  Watch industry like most industries has evolved dramatically, thanks to the advancement in technology, internet revolution and growing GDP. While World Wide Web has made marketing and distribution a lot easier it is the third metric which has triggered this rapid change. World citizens today have surplus cash to satiate their hunger for big […]

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ten ten watch setting poolkart blog.

The 10:10 wrist watch setting

  Product advertising in not just about the product itself or great photo shoot; it is also about influencing consumer psyche through innovative techniques. Watches are no different. In case you are wondering what human psychology has got to do with timepieces then continue reading. Check out some of the wrist watch advertisements. If you […]

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