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Faux pearl necklace ivory cream single strand.

Faux Pearl Necklace – Ivory Cream Single Strand

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Features –
Faux pearl bracelets are functional and attractive add-ons when it comes to wedding and social occasions. These vintage motivated stretch ivory wristlets offer quick solution to enhance the glamour quotient.

It can be worn solo or layered with other wrist accessories. It adds style statement and reflects a unique character. This faux pearl stretch bracelet is available in 6mm and 10mm size. Stretchy pearl bracelets can also be worn on dates and workplace. The single strand provides a classic look, and looks charming when worn with short sleeve knit top, jeans and flats. As mentioned above, use your creativity to build unique layers / stacks of contrasting accessories such as thick gold or silver cuffs, charm bracelets and even a watch. It is hot, trendy and definitely fashionable these days to mix and match various accoutrements.

Design – Charms and leather multi-strands.
Wrist Size – Stretchable.
Style & Colour – Vintage.
Gender – Girls / women.
Basics – Single strand faux pearl ivory.
Suitability – Casual / Modern.
Length – Stretch.
Setting Type – Faux pearls.

Note – Slight variation may occur because of photo shoot lights and monitor brightness.

Care – Keep away from water and chemicals. Wipe it with moist cotton fabric. Avoid solvents of all kinds.

Seller – Poolkart.com

Delivery – Usually delivered in 5 to 6 days. Write to us for exact delivery dates/charges.

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Women | Girls

Trinkets, Emblems, Charms


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