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TWS i7 earpods white.

TWS i7 Earpods White

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TWS i7 earpods offers a distinct, lightweight form factor that is easy to carry and operate through its multi-function button. It is built for calls as well as listening to music or watching movies. The wire mesh inside the earpods makes sure that dust and grime do not seep through and thereby prevents sound distortion. tws i7 price is extremely affordable, and it comes with a charging case, charging cable along with tws i7 pairing instructions.

With a transmission distance of around 10 meters and built-in super charged 60mah lithium battery you are never short on performance. V5.0 EDR on both sides and low power consumption guarantees long pleasurable operating experience. For “How to connect i7 TWS in single or both ears” an informative and easy to use manual is provided.

True stereo and 4 hours of high quality call time makes it a highly efficient lifestyle device that eases some of the traditional ways of mobile communication. Interestingly, single earpod connection offers 6 hours of talk time. Now, isn't that a user friendly feature?

Specifications –
Colour – White
Single earpod – Standby time of up to 100 hours.
Double earpods – Standby time of up to 60 hours
Power dock interface – 950mah.
Charging time – Battery can be charged in 80 minutes.

Care – Keep away from water and chemicals. Wipe it with moist cotton fabric. Avoid solvents of all kinds.

Seller – Poolkart.com

Delivery – Usually delivered in 5 to 6 days. Write to us for exact delivery dates/charges.

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