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Single, standalone wrist watch cushion display pillow.

Standalone Wrist Watch Cushion Display Pillow

139.00 Rs.149.00 Rs.

Poolkart Pinky Promise

At poolkart.com we believe that a wrist watch needs love and protection irrespective of its price tag. We have a strong reason for that belief. “Time” is a precious commodity and therefore, a wrist watch, which symbolizes this virtue, needs to be treasured and valued. Moreover, history is the proof. Famous personalities have treated time and wrist watch with respect. The question is how?

Simply store it in a box which has a wrist watch pillow or watch display cushion as they are popularly called. Poolkart offers a range of sizes ( small, medium and large ) stuffed with synthetic fibers. Next time, don’t ask where to buy watch pillows. Simply visit poolkart.com.

We carry a variety of replacement watch cushions and pillows for watches of different sizes. Replace old or worn out watch pillows with new ones and show your love for your precious / semi precious watch.

Highlights – Leather gift box watch display storage

Seller – Poolkart.com

Delivery – Usually delivered in 5 to 6 days. Write to us for exact delivery dates/charges.

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Large, Medium, Small


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