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Best glitter cardboard bracelet jewelry box.

Best Glitter Cardboard Bracelet Jewelry Box

135.00 Rs.

Poolkart Pinky Promise

Poolkart offers watch and bracelet gift box in an array of shades, sizes and glamour quotient. Here, you will find the best bracelet & watch boxes for your personal use which will transform the way you showcase your collections! Moreover, bracelet jewelry box can also be used to wrap up a gift in an elegant way. Presentation means everything today.

Poolkart bracelet jewelry gift box and bracelet cases are affordable, unique and available for a wide range of storage and gifting purpose. Bracelet gift box such as single bangle bracelet box and bracelet box are not easily available, even in offline stores. Poolkart offers an easy way to buy bracelet box cardboard, glitter bracelet box and bow bracelet box from the comfort of your living room.

This one is available in three colours; pink, blue and lavender. It can be used to store gold / leather bracelet, bangle, rings, earrings, etc. It sports a soft foam insert which prevents scratches and undue abrasion.

Highlights – Glitter laced bracelet gift box sporting a bow at the top.

Seller – Poolkart.com

Delivery – Usually delivered in 5 to 6 days. Write to us for exact delivery dates/charges.

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Additional Information

Accessory Colour

Blue, Lavender, Pink


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