Contest Terms


General information –

1. No purchase necessary.
2. Purchase during contest does not enhance the chance of winning.
3. Void where prohibited.
4. Prize cannot be cashed, exchanged or swapped for other products.
5. This contest is held by Poolkart ( India ).
6. Contest starting date – 30-04-2018 & contest closing date – 14-05-2018.

Eligibility requirements –

1. Participants should be 18 years and older.
2. Winner/s will be intimated through submitted email id, so make sure you provide an active one. The winner will also be announced on Poolkart’s Facebook page.
3. The winner will be announced on 16-05-2018.
4. User generated content shall be used for contest publicity.
5. Poolkart’s liability is limited to delivery of two wrist watches ( Free cost & shipping ).
6. Winner/s will have to share the postal address to receive free gift.
7. Winners will be selected through automatic / random name generation tool.
8. Only Indian citizens are eligible. People associated with Poolkart are not allowed to enter this contest.

Cancellation –

1. Poolkart can cancel the said contest any time ( even during the contest period ) without offering any reason / explanation.
2. For a successful culmination a minimum of 2500 entries are required.
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